Digital Tools I use

This space is a list of software and all things digital that I use and think deserves a mention since I get asked here and there. 

Analog Tools I use

You guessed it. I still draw with a pencil a lot and have an affinity for great pens & pencils among other things. 

Adobe Creative Cloud

I use this suite of tools all day every day. They are pretty  much industry standard. 


It's no big secret I am a huge music lover. Spotify is a great option as I tend to be more productive while focusing with a great playlist. 


The Smart Sync feature is a lifesaver when you work on a smaller SSD. I use this to share and send large files all the time. 

Blackwing Palomino Pencils

These are my favorite pencils for drawing and sketching. The eraser can be extended for more erasing that you should ever need. They sharpen very well and are easy to sketch with. 

Leuchtturm Notebooks

The paper quality of these notebooks is great! They come in some great sizes and I love the blank or dotted options. Lots of great cover color options too.

KUM AS2 Sharpeners

This is a terrific long tip pencil sharpener. If you want a long sharp point, this is your sharpener.

Uni-ball Signo RT1 .38 micro point

These are one of my favorite pens for everyday use. I love the quick clean lines and the blue-black ink is great. If you really like a super fine line, this is your huckleberry. 

Gear I use

I tend to be a bit of a research nerd when I chose to spend my hard earned dollars on a piece of gear. These are a few pics from my research.

Autonomous Standing Desk

I had my eye on a standing desk for quite a while as I realize that sitting all day isn't that great for you. Enter Autonomous standing desks. I did lots of research and they seemed to have a great price (I got mine for less around Thanksgiving). I ordered a 70" walnut top with a black base. It came packaged really well and was easy to put together and setup my preferred memory settings. Did I mention that you can program in 4 different height settings and it raises and lowers automatically? It's been great for combatting chair fatigue.


Autonomous Ergo Chair2

Even though I stand a good bit with my new desk, sometimes you just need to sit down, crank some tunes and get some work done. My old chair gave up the ghost and it was time to replace it. I had been so pleased with my Autonomous standing desk that I decided to give their new Ergo Cahir 2 a shot. So far I have been really happy with the thought of features and engineering. Oh... and it's really comfy to sit in too. 

Web Tools I use

This space is a list of a few handy dandy tools I have found to make developing things on the web easier.


I have been a long time fan of using hover as my domain registrar. They have been great to deal with and have great phone support. Use this link to save a couple bucks on a new domain registration or transfer. 

Flywheel Hosting

I have been with Flywheel almost as long as I have been in business and they have been a great partner. Great hosting and I love that they are always glad to hear some feedback on ways to grow and improve.